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Sales Information

The artworks are excellent, unique and one of a kind. Artworks are created from quality wood using hand tools. Each piece is carefully hand cut or carved. Hundreds of pieces of different species of wood are used in each artwork. Therefore, each artwork takes weeks and usually months to complete, consequently impossible to mass-produce. MarquetryArt.com is one of the few places where quality Marquetry can be obtained.

Artworks are produced based on advance order. Most of the artworks that you see in our gallery have been created for clients around the globe. Occasionally we may have a piece or two in our shop that are available for immediate sale, but generally a custom piece takes between four weeks to a year depending on its size and detail.

The cost of shipping can fluctuate these days very frequently. Our shipping costs include insurance against damage or loss. The cost is often 1 to 15% of the total value. The piece is inspected by the shippers prior to packaging, and it is the client's responsibility to inspect and report any damages upon delivery to the shipper in writing and phone. We always keep in touch with client's from the beginning of the order placement till delivery and installation of the piece to ensure full satisfaction.

Where to buy

There are a few galleries that represent and carry our work. Such galleries can be used for ordering, but the best way is to contact us via email directly.